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Mobile Applications - With the explosive growth in the application space, millions of mobile applications will be created in the next three years. Patent Rights Group will help you protect your technology, and secure your success.
Licensing Revenue - A patent can be a roadblock to others but it can also be a toll gate for its owners. Patent Rights Group will help you create technology that can be licensed for successful global use rather than just depending on your own resources.
Financial Services - Thousands of financial transactions are processed every second of every day. There are literally more than 100,000 patents protecting credit card related processing. Are you using one of those technologies in your business?

Ideas That Make A Difference

Patent Rights Group is actively seeking inventors to develop a business partnership whereby we can turn good ideas into great ideas that make a difference!

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada with a large Global network of partnerships, Patent Rights Group has established a distinguished group of experts in their specific industry.

Since February 2005 the founding members of Patent Rights Group have been actively applying and acquiring patents that are expected to make a difference in the areas of computer and mobile software, medical devices, gaming, green energy, health therapy, pharmaceutical, military and wireless technology.

Working with a number of inventors, Our focus is to expand on the rights of both patent holders and Inventors, to achieve the maximum economic benefit from their idea while vigorously defending those rights when the time arises.

Brian H – Testimonial
I’m an idea guy; I must have at least one great idea every couple of months. I don’t make enough money to file a patent for my ideas every time I get one but I know one day I’ll see my ideas sold on TV. Brian H, Toronto

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